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May 23, 2020

SoundTouch 300 Airplay 2 latency

Dear Bose,


My configuration:

1 x SoundTouch 300 (with bass module and surround speakers)

4 x SoundTouch 10

1 x SoundTouch 30 iii

Network: Apple Airport Extreme


I love the addition of the Airplay 2 functionality!!!


Having said that, I'm experiencing a latency issue with the SoundTouch 300 and the SoundTouch 30 iii. There's a slight delay at the SoundTouch 300, and this is quite annoying since these two speakers are in adjacent rooms which have an open connection with each other.


When I stream music from e.g. Apple Music via Airplay 2 to both the SoundTouch 300 and SoundTouch 30 devices, there's a delay between the two devices which causes an echo type of sound.


Using the Bluetooth functionality to connect to the SoundTouch 30 and then add the SoundTouch 300 (or vice versa) by using the SoundTouch app, and then stream content from Apple Music (or  other music services) to the speakers will give no latency issue.


I believe the issue is specifically with the SoundTouch 300. With the SoundTouch 10s in combination with the SoundTouch 30 I'm experiencing no issue.


I tried all the obvious to get this fixed (restarting the devices, restarting the wifi network, fixed ip addresses, trying to stream with different devices - iPhones/Mac/iPad) to see if there is a difference, but all this didn't resolve the issue..


Any other ideas?


I assume this needs to be fixed in the SoundTouch 300 firmware. Hopefully this can be fixed in a next release?


Best Regards,

Frederik - The Netherlands