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Jun 2, 2020

SoundTouch 300 soundbar malfunction

I’ve seen other topics on this, but this is a combination. I update firmware a couple of months ago on ST300 and subsequently had an ARC issue. Solved that by unplugging and replug power and arc in sequence. Moved ST300 into different room, new TV and same issue. Solved same way. Bought Bass module 500. Will not pair using “music symbol” 7 as instructed. ST 300 now not showing up on Bose SoundTouch app. Bass module won’t pair. ST 300 unresponsive to remote completely. Can’t disconnect from WiFi, with symbol 0.  Can’t reconnect to WiFi with symbol 9. ARC not working again. Only thing it will do is connect to phone with air play. Otherwise system is totally paralyzed and now have amber error light on “music symbol”. Unplugged and replugged, same result. Need help. 


Re: SoundTouch 300 soundbar malfunction

Hey @alexgordon55,


That's quite unusual! What is the new TV you've connected to the soundbar too? When connecting the Bass Module 500, are you checking it's in pairing mode? It'll need to show a blinking amber LED - disconnect the unit from power for two minutes to help put the module into this state.


To confirm, are you pressing the SoundTouch button on your remote before holding the number 9 button? When you do this, all buttons will flash on the soundbar, then the WiFi LED will glow solid amber. From there, you can go into the SoundTouch app, then look for systems to connect to WiFi and it will find your soundbar.


For the ARC issue, I'd recommend trying the HDMI reset below to fix this:


1) Unplug the TV and soundbar from power. Remove the plugs directly from the strip rather than unplugging the strip from the wall (if a power strip is used). Keep all HDMI cables plugged in.

2) After leaving both units for two minutes, plug your Soundbar in. Keep the TV unplugged. The soundbar will flash white when plugged back in (rebooting).

3) When the white light on the soundbar has stopped flashing, press the TV screen button on the soundbar remote. 

4) Plug the TV back into power and test for audio.


Let me know if you notice an improvement!

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