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Oct 29, 2019

SoundTouch App Wish List

I have 7 SoundTouch speakers in my home (Two 20s and Five 10s). I mostly use them to play music from my iTunes (downloaded) playlists on my laptop, usually Play All (all speakers). I also have 11 Alexa devices in my home (Dots, Shows, Echos). 


I decided on the SoundTouch system over Sonos because of the SoundTouch preset buttons ... and of course, the great Bose sound quality. My plan was to not have to open the Bose app on my phone or laptop whenever I wanted to listen to an iTunes playlist (on all speakers). I love the function and potential of the preset buttons, but the current app limitations limit my enjoyment. So here's my wish list for SoundTouch speaker & app upgrades:


1. Allow more speaker groupings than just single speaker and "Play All". For example, it would be nice to designate 4 SoundTouch speakers as "Upstairs" and the other three SoundTouch speakers as "Downstairs".


2.  Allow preset buttons to not only designate a music source, but also a particular speaker grouping. For example, "Fave Music" iTunes playlist playing "All Speakers" could be preset button #1. Then preset button #2 might be the same playlist playing on "Upstairs" speakers only. Etc.


3. When I wake up in the morning, it would be really nice to be able to press one of the preset buttons and have the music come on the same speaker grouping as when I went to bed (rather than having to open the app on my phone or laptop and "Select All", or having to explain to Alexa what I want it to do).


4. When one speaker in a group is briefly turned off then turned on again, it would be nice for it to rejoin the speaker group automatically (i.e., resume playing music w/ the rest of the group), rather than having to manually re-add it to the group. Alexa units do this when one of them is turned off and turned back on again.


5. It would be nice if the next generation of SoundTouch remote controls had a button for "Play All" (speakers). That would be awesome and appreciated! (Might sell more speakers too.)


I've had a few recent phone discussions with your SoundTouch Tech Support Team about most of the above shortcomings. For some I was told the Alexa app might be able to help. I've owned Alexa units for a couple years now so I'm pretty familiar with their functionality and the app. After doing some online research about using Alexa with the SoundTouch system (and adding the Skills feature to the Alexa app), I'm frustrated with Alexa's limitations. For one thing, it doesn't work as advertised so I'm sort of back to square one on speaker grouping.


I believe most of your customers owning multiple SoundTouch speakers would appreciate "Play All" being the default -- all the time. That's why we purchased more than one! So we shouldn't have to jump through app hoops or have a discussion with Alexa every time we want to get to that setting. (Alexa always asks me to verify what speakers I want to play the music on even after I just stated it clearly.)


That's not to say there aren't times when you don't want all speakers playing, but typically if you have multiple SoundTouch speakers around the house, you didn't invest in them for decoration. 


Thanks for your consideration.


P.S. In case anyone is curious why I purchased 7 SoundTouch units if I have 11 Alexa units already, it's because Alexa will not allow me to play my [downloaded] iTunes playlists. SoundTouch does, as does Sonos... but Sonos doesn't have the preset buttons.


Re: SoundTouch App Wish List

Hello Drewster2020


Thanks for reaching out and posting in the Bose Community Forums. 


I would like to start by thanking you for taking the time to post such a detailed review of the SoundTouch range. It's great to hear your feedback and it will most certainly be passed onto the development team for consideration when planning future improvements. 


If you or any other members of the community have any other thoughts we would love to hear them. 


Kind Regards, 

Vicky W - Community Admin