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Nov 21, 2018

SoundTouch app cannot connect speaker using wifi

Hi Bose

I have purchased SoundTouch 30 III today, and it would not connect to my home network using the standard instructions.


On top of that, I have also tried the alternate way of connecting to wifi ( below, and it still would not work.



When I reached the last step below:

5. Select "Speaker Already Connected to Network" and follow the app instructions


The apps shows the message that "Speaker Not Found"


I feel frustrated, after spending whole night trying to setup it.

Please help.


p/s: Bluetooth connectivity is working fine.


Re: SoundTouch app cannot connect speaker using wifi

Hello Ptteoh, 


Welcome to the Bose Community and thank you for your post. 

Before posting, we recommend doing a quick search of the forum to check for similar threads. Your question may have even already been answered.


I'm sorry to hear you are having issues setting up your SoundTouch 30 III speaker. So we can assist further, can you please press and hold the Preset 5 and volume minus button down. Once it reaches 0, it will display product information. Can you please use the volume minus button to cycle through until you get to the firmware version. Please then, confirm the current version it is on. 


Further to this, please confirm: 


- If you have tried factory resetting the speaker by holding preset 1 and volume minus for around 10 seconds, to allow the speaker to fully reset. 

- What device you are using to perform setup, e.g iPhone, Computer. 

- If you have tried using other devices to perform setup



Kind regards,


Jeff G

Bose Community Moderator

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