SoundTouch being phased out???!!!

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Re: Is the Soundtouch product range being phase out?

yes, it's a ridiculous amount of time and the speaker is rendered useless by the updates.

@paudux wrote:

An honest answer from Bose please, is the Soundtouch product range now obsolete or being phased out?


Upgrades over the last couple of years have gradually made the DLNA compatability almost nonexistant, and the latest down grade now means that only State funded or minor radio stations are available.


This being the case potential customers should be warned, so they can make an evaluation on the functionallity thats left, especially with online purchases and as people start buying for Christmas.



Re: Is the Soundtouch product range being phase out?

Hello paudux,


Thank you for the question.


The SoundTouch product line will absolutely be supported for the foreseeable future,


We will continue to provide updates and also have Airplay 2 coming to SoundTouch systems that have Bluetooth sometime in 2019.


I wish I had more information to share with you, but when we have updates, we will let the community know. 


Warm Regards,

Joel - Community Support

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Re: Is the Soundtouch product range being phase out?

Thank-you Joel


I'm not in the US so Airplay is irrelevant (some people use Apple products but Android is more popular), what about the things we use like iHeart radio, Internet radio and music streaming without having to have a computer running (I'm using a computer less and less these days).

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Re: SoundTouch being phased out???!!!

I completely agree!  I to invested in Bose Soundtouch and was planning to purchase more speakers to go througout my home but now see that it's not compatible with the new Alexa Wifi speaker??? What the heck Bose??? Please can someone from Bose explain what the plan is? 

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Re: Is the Soundtouch product range being phase out?

Thank you for confirming this.

However please confirm why the support page for Soundtouch 300 for several countries says - 2018 suggesting that Soundtouch 300 would not be sold in 2019, I hope that is not the case as we intend to get another one to complete our setup.


Re: Is the Soundtouch product range being phase out?

Hi David Moore,


Thanks for the post.

We will continue to support you when you purchase a product and still has the same warranty even its no longer available.


Also, we will continue to make improves and add features to the SoundTouch line for the foreseeable future, and if you have SoundTouch products in your household, they will benefit from these updates.


Kind Regards,

Joel - Community Support

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Re: Is the Soundtouch product range being phase out?

@Joel_D wrote:

Also, we will continue to make improves and add features to the SoundTouch line for the foreseeable future, and if you have SoundTouch products in your household, they will benefit from these updates.


I have not seen many updates lately. One really annoying bug/mis-feature is that if the power goes out, my SoundTouch 20 forgets which wireless network it is connected to. When the power comes back, it tries to connect to the strongest(?) signal, not the one it was connected to previously. My neighbor happens to have a strtonger signal at times, so I have to go through the setup process over and over again.

Even when I don't have any power interruptions (as far as I noticed), my SoundTouch 20 loses the wifi conection.

And to get the speaker to connect properly is often hit-or-miss, at times I have to try 5-6 times before it works.


Things like that is a priority to fix.

Then there are many other things that needs to be done with the app to improve it.



Re: Is the Soundtouch product range being phase out?

Hi TexasSwede,


Thank you for posting and welcome to the community. I'm sorry to hear you have been having trouble with the Wi-Fi connection on your SoundTouch 20.


When we've noticed it appear to have issues reconnecting to the network, have we had the solid white Wi-Fi indicator but the speaker not showing in the app? Or does it show as disconnected on the speaker itself? It is possible that the speaker is connected to your network and is having trouble communicating through the network, rather than it disconnecting.


The ST20 definitely shouldn't be trying to connect to your neighbours Wi-Fi, even if the signal is stronger, it should just be trying to reconnect to yours. It will only connect to a network it has been connected to previously. It might show the neighbours as the first option to connect to in the app, if the signal is stronger, but it will not have been trying to connect to it unless it has previously been setup on your neighbours network.


All the best.


Keith_L - Community Support -



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Re: SoundTouch being phased out???!!!

I have a number of SoundTouch speakers and a 130 soundbar all purchased over the last few years. I too was concerned about the sudden release of a new network speaker line. SoundTouch for me had gotten to a place of stability and the speakers sound great. I questioned why Bose couldn’t have simply added built in Alexa features, upgraded the app and product naming all while keeping older SoundTouch speakers in the fold. 


Reading lots of dissatisfaction in the forum comments and the Bose moderator’s replies insisting that SoundTouch would continue to be supported including the addition of Airplay 2, I felt comfortable that all my gear wasn’t somehow going to be instantly obsolete. I noticed that Bose has modified it’s web site to give viewers the opportunity to either choose SoundTouch products or the new “Smart” series all under a Smart Home section. 


I also think about The Bose track record for longevity and support of their products. The Bose Acoustimass, 161 and 301 speakers are but a couple of longstanding speaker lines still available. As well Bose carries an impressive stock of parts for legacy speakers.


In some ways I think Bose bucks the trend of releasing products that become obsolete in a couple years, forcing consumers to buy more products. That is one reason I chose Bose SoundTouch. Also one reason my gear has extended warranties. 


For me SoundTouch is alive and well and I would have no hesitation buying more SoundTouch gear, as I did recently adding a SoundTouch 10 speaker to my SoundTouch collection.



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Re: SoundTouch being phased out???!!!

I'm operating on the premise that SoundTouch speakers are being obsoleted. So all my future purchases will be with that in mind.


I think Bose has made a mistake by deciding that its new speakers won't work with the same app as its old speakers. Because they have isolated their existing customer base by doing that. They should have somehow incorporated the old speakers into the new app (as they did when they moved from System II to System III) or in some fashion established compatibilty for the new speakers with the SoundTouch app. 


I have a couple of places in my house where I've been thinking about placing some new speakers. If I could be reasonably certain that I would not be adding to an obsolete system, I'd  buy some more Bose speakers. But now that my choice is to buy more obsolete speakers, or upgrade to incompatible Bose speakers, I don't see more Bose products in my future. 


My underlying concern is with the SoundTouch app itself - unless I see Bose keep its aging promise to upgrade System III speakers to Airplay 2 compatibility, I see no reason to believe that it will upgrade the SoundTouch app to work on my iPhone as Apple upgrades iOS. So eventually it will stop working. And without SoundTouch or Airplay 2, all I will have is a bunch of single speakers rather than a connected sound system. 


So for me, it all comes down to "will Bose keep its promise to add Airplay 2 capability to its System III speakers?" As that promise ages, my disbelief grows.