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SoundTouch update - starting May 29, 2019

Beginning on Wednesday, May 29th, we will be deploying a new SoundTouch update for all existing SoundTouch speakers. This update will be deployed in stages, which means that the update might not be available to all our customers straight away. There are no updates to the mobile or desktop SoundTouch apps. In addition to many bug fixes and stability improvements, this update includes:


  • 4K Video: Improvements to 4K video stability for SoundTouch 300 and Lifestyle 550/600/650 systems
  • Remote Code updates for SoundTouch Lifestyle Consoles




App: 21.0.4
Available: Apr 19

App: 21.0.7
Available: May 9

App: 21.0.3
Available: Apr 19

SoundTouch Speakers
Firmware: 21.0.13
Available: starting May 29



To take advantage of these improvements, please log into the SoundTouch app and accept the update to your speaker(s). Thank you!

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