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Jan 3, 2018

Soundbar 300 and Bass module

Hi There,

 After the recent firmware update, the way my soundbar 300 connects to the base module has

changed. Despite the Bass Module toggle ON under Advanced Setup/Speaker Selection, I don't 

get the sound from the bass module. And if set the toggle OFF, I get the sound from bass module.


Is this some kinda tweak in the recent Soundtouch app update or so should I use the toggle

differently..? The logic is questioned by my kids!!!  


Appreciate any plausible explanation please.


Kind regards,




Re: Soundbar 300 and Bass module

Hi Adsun,


Thanks for reaching out, sorry that you are having some issues with connecting your bass module.


Can you confirm the LED status of your speaker when you have the bass module toggled to on?


Do let us know.



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