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Sep 23, 2018

Soundtouch 10 more Presets



ich have Soundtouch 10 for the Kids Rooms.  On the Software and the box i have only 6 Presets for all speakers. 

Is there a way to save more than 6 presets per button or at least 6 per device?

Thanks a lot 

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Re: Soundtouch 10 more Presets

@glaskessel, great question!


Do you only use the one app when playing music on the speakers? If so, you can only store 6 presets to your SoundTouch account to play the music service or music library sources you use the most. In addition to your 6 presets, you can easily recall other sources by adding them to your favorites list. 


To add a favorite:

  1. Begin playing the music service or music library source you want to save as a favorite.

  2. In the SoundTouch app, tap the Presets icon in the upper-right.

  3. Below the list of your presets, tap and hold Tap + hold to save a favorite.

To remove a favorite:

  1. In the SoundTouch app, tap the Presets icon  in the upper-right

  2. Below the presets list, tap Favorites >

  3. Tap Edit

  4. Tap the X next to the favorite to remove, then confirm when prompted.

If you use a different app for each system, you can set different presets on each speaker. 😊

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