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Oct 14, 2016

Soundtouch 10 problems STILL

Today I received my Soundtouch 10 after being "Repaired". They replaced the main board and a gasket, foam, enclosure. It STILL is not working properly. After a few times of trying to get it to setup on my computer it still will not connect and when it finally does connect no sound comes out of it. To top things off my other 10 which I'm trying to pair keeps losing the connection even though both speakers are within feet of my router. I'm at my wits end with these speakers and beyond frustrated. I'm ready to send both of them back for a refund of my money. I also have a Wave and a Soundtouch 20 which both work fine so I know it's just the Soundtouch 10's that are flawed. I've rebooted both speakers numerous times and reset my router, all speakers are on the same wifi network but the 10's show a poor connection even though they are very close to the router. I've been a Bose customer for years and shouldn't have to go through this frustration just to listen to music.


Re: Soundtouch 10 problems STILL

Hi Dieseldan, 


Thank you for reaching out to us. I'm sorry to hear of the issues you seem to be experiencing following your repair. 


At this point, I would recommend getting in contact with our team for assistance as your unit has just been repaired. Click the LINK HERE, select your country and scroll down to 'Contact Us'. One of our agents will be more than happy to help. 

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