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Apr 21, 2020

Soundtouch 10 starting up on it's own or switching to spotify

So the past two days I've experienced my soundtouch 10 switching to spotify on it's own after using one of my presets. This usually happens 10 or so minutes after turning it on.   Also, when I've had it off, it will turn on on it's own playing spotify. 

It's weird because I can't even get spotify to work with my soundtouch account. I wonder if this could be from an exterior source. I live in an apartment building so maybe it's one of my neighbors connecting to my system? 


Re: Soundtouch 10 starting up on it's own or switching to spotify

Hey @orange_wombat,


Welcome to the Bose Community. 


Sorry to hear that your SoundTouch 10 is exhibiting some strange behavior. In regards to Spotify randomly starting, it's a possibility that someone could be using Spotify Connect, but they should need to be connected to the same network so it's unlikely. 


Let's try resetting your system by removing the power for 30 seconds. Then reconnect and monitor the behavior.


Let me know how this goes. 

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