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Jun 28, 2020

Soundtouch 10 won't stay logged in

Every time I use my soundtouch 10 and then turn it off I go to turn it back on and I have to completely log everything back in including the Wi-Fi it does not work on my phone or my Alexa. What is the correct procedure to fix this so it stays logged in what a pain had I have known this I would have never purchased it.

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Re: Soundtouch 10 won't stay logged in

Hey Rweverett, thank you for posting to the Bose Community forums. It's unusual to hear of your issues with automatic signing out, but we'd love to know some additional information in efforts to resolve your difficulties.


Firstly, to better understand your needs, can you tell me how you interact with the speaker on a daily basis? Are there specific apps that you use in conjunction with the speaker, or buttons on the unit to initiate playback? What specifically is signed-out, and on what devices, like phones/tablets? Can you also talk me through the process that you go through when you are fixing the issue each time? Hope to hear back from you soon.

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