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Apr 9, 2017

Soundtouch 20 Reconnect Procedure No Longer Works

Netgear C7000

Bose Soundtouch 20 latest update

Android 9, April 1 revision


I recently had to change my wifi password. I have had no issues, and my last reconnect procedure was some 6+ months ago where it works fine following the directions. Wifi settings did not change, but something on Bose's backend sure did. I was stuck in a loop, as the software repeatedly told me to force setup mode, and that the network was not found and to hold down AUX button after power cycling the unit. This went on for four hours, including using the alternative method using address local address( from your own website: https://www.bose.com/en_us/support/article/connecting-to-a-wi-fi-network-alt-setup-st10-20-30.html, yeided frustrating results. The page would only load if ethernet was detected, but stuck in a loop detecting wifi addresses so fast that the page would not render.


After coming to these forums, I learned that the local address,, works as intended and I was able to complete the setup.


I would like to ask your staff to revise your documentation and procedures for us when it comes to reconnecting a device for WIFI use.


Additionally, it would be super cool to identify and link said device to wifi via BLUETOOTH AND ETHERNET DETECTION as a stopgap if your app cannot do it's basic function.

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Re: Soundtouch 20 Reconnect Procedure No Longer Works

Hi MusicOKMusic,


Thank you for posting to the Bose Community Forums. I'm sorry to hear that you experienced issues with reconnecting your SoundTouch 20 Music System back to your Wi-Fi network but happy to hear that the issues are now resolved.


There are two main support articles, one for our Series I and Series II speakers which can be found HERE, using the IP address192.168.1.1, and a separate article for the SoundTouch 10, SoundTouch 20 Series III and SoundTouch 30 Series III Speakers which can be found HERE, using the IP address I am sorry if you experienced any issues with this alternate setup method.


The SoundTouch application does support Ethernet SoundTouch device detection, but not Bluetooth detection. Bluetooth functionality for setup is supported for our Smart Home Speakers via the Bose Music application, however, as they feature the hardware of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), which enables this functionality.


Thank you for your feedback. If you have any additional questions please reach out again and we'd love to help.



Andy B - Community Support

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