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Mar 10, 2020

Soundtouch 300 Soundbar , remote and Soundtouch 20 speakers

Soundtouch app dowloaded an update yesterday, something related to Apple Air Play, I think. After update only 2 of my 3 speakers, one being the soundbar play the same music. One plays a different source when selecting "Play All". Also the remote to the Soundbar has stopped working and is dead. The Soundtouch app on my phone will turn the soundbar On and Off but I have no control over the source with the phone. ALL very frustrating after this update as everything was operating just fine prior to this update. Have attempted all suggested resets, changed batteries in remote and reset all speakers numerous times. FRUSTRATED!


Re: Soundtouch 300 Soundbar , remote and Soundtouch 20 speakers

Hi mussery,


Thank you for posting and welcome to the community. I'm sorry to hear you have been having some trouble since the update to your speakers and I would be happy to help with this.


It sounds like you have done some great troubleshooting on this already, so thank you for doing that and letting us know. When you mentioned performing resets, did you reboot your router during this process? If not I would definitely recommend doing so to fix the play all issue you are experiencing. To reboot your router, simply disconnect it from power for 1 minute, before plugging it back in and letting it boot back up.


With the play all feature since the update, is it always the same speaker that plays a different source? Or does this change depending on what speaker you start the group from?


I tend to find that any issues using play all, do come from settings on the local network. As network troubleshooting is difficult to do across a forum, I would recommend getting in touch with your local support team, as they will be able to go through this with you. You can find their contact information HERE.


For the remote, the first thing I would recommend doing is checking that it is definitely sending an IR signal to your soundbar. As you are able to control it from the app, it does suggest that either the remote is not sending an IR signal correctly or the soundbar is not receiving it correctly.


You can check your remote is sending an IR signal using the front-facing camera on most smartphones and tablets. If you have the front-facing camera open on your phone or tablet, point your remote at the camera, and press buttons on the remote, you should see a light flash on the end of the remote. This will only be visible through the camera and screen as they can detect IR light.


If you see no light when doing this, it is possible that the remote has stopped working and needs replacing. You can get a replacement remote by contacting your local support team as well.


Let me know how you get on.




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