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Jul 13, 2019

Soundtouch adapter sound cuts out



I have two Soundtouch 100’s, one 200 and two adapters. The adapters are the source of my problem. When I play each device separately, they all work fine. When I start playing as a group, the adapters cut out somewhat regularly. I’ve tried resetting, restarting both my WiFi network and all of the Bose devices. I’ve been struggling with this for a coup,e of years and finally annoyed enough to write this. My WiFi network is fine. 100mbps, google WiFi mesh system, the adapter is 3 inches away from my router. It’s just the adapter that cuts out. It will play for a few minutes, cut out for 30 seconds and then resume playing. Google WiFi lets the device determine if it will use 2.4 or 5.0 bands. If I create a group consisting of the Bose devices and exclude the adapter, it plays just fine. Please don’t offer the basic troubleshooting advice like, did I unplug and wait for 30 seconds or have I reset my router. I’m serious debating jumping over to sonos