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Apr 20, 2020

Soundtouch and ethernet


I found some old posts about connecting Soundtouch speakers via ethernet, but they were not that helpful.

Here is the situation:

- Linksys Velop mesh network for my wifi (6 nodes)

- 7 Soundtouch speakers: ST300 bar, 3x ST 10, 2x ST 20, 1x Wave ST



- if connected by Wifi, speakers cut often out while playing - or are not even to be found on the app

- so to stabilize things I have been trying to connect ST 300 bar, the ST20 and Wave ST by LAN cables plugged into the Velop nodes, but it seems as if that is also not working


Potential solution:

- should I set up the ethernet connection not using the app on my iphone, but have my mac plugged into the same Velop node with an ethernet cable to which the ST speaker is connected to by ethernet?

- any other ideas?