Soundtouch app not working on s10

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Soundtouch app not working on s10

Just got a new galaxy s10 and the app won't connect to the internet. It says cant connect to the internet, please connect to a wifi network. I am on the network, nothing has changed except my phone. Please help! 




Re: Soundtouch app not working on s10

Hi there @tbheaps and welcome to the Bose Community!


I'm sorry to hear of the issues that you've had with your S10 using the SoundTouch app, and would be happy to help!

The first thing I would ask you do is check that you're connected to your home network (rather than the Bose Wi-Fi network listed) when using the app. If you are connected to your home network, please check the mobile/cellular data settings of your S10 to see if there is a "Wi-Fi Assist" setting you can disable. If your device is using this cellular/mobile data, this may cause the app to display this way.


If you have checked both of the above, I would advise that you un-install the SoundTouch app, reboot your phone and then download this again. When downloaded, please boot this back up and check this again.


Please return to me at your convenience to let me know how you get on 😊!

Liam W - Community Support