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Apr 28, 2016

Soundtouch functionality in China


I use soundtouch 10 and 20 in china inced several years, as I can listen polish radio.

With less or more trouble I was able to use it.

I use VPN last 12 months, before I wrote link and so on..


But since beg od 2020 Bose cut complete all functions for china, and additional do not recognize location by vpn.

Sorry guys. You sell goods for hundreds od bugs and then cut functionality,. 

Bad guys.... 😞



Why you not recognize location  by IP ??? This would solve all issue in china.

Why you not allow add radio station by tip link???? This will also help. 

Finaly why you switch of presets????


With current functionality I can put your product to rubish bin. Sorry to day that, but it is reality. I hold always Bose as professional company. But now 😞



Wojciech Ficek