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Oct 10, 2020

Speaker question

I just received the speaker for my bose wave radio.but do I need plug for in the back .because the battery light blink on and off,and have orange light?Does that mean it is charging.also on the app this keep saying this don't find any speakers.could anyone please answer all that questions for us please.


Re: Speaker question

Hi Wwefan1984, 


Thanks for posting. 


Are you referring to the SoundLink Revolve from your other post? Can you please also confirm what Wave Radio it is you own? You can check by entering your serial number on this page. Note: Do not post your serial number on the public forum. Just the model name, please.


What app are you trying to use? Bose Music? Bose SoundTouch or Bose Connect? 


I'll look forward to your reply.


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