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Sep 16, 2020

Spotify connect kills streaming

I have a couple of ST 10 and a ST 20 as an ST 130 for 5 years.  For the past couple of months, when playing a Spotify (family premium account) playlist, I can get it freeze(the "something went wrong" or "we can't do that right now" errors) after 1 song or up to 5 hours.  It is 99% of the time at the END of a track.


When it happens, I can't choose another Spotify account.  The Spotify app says it is playing on the speaker but I can't get it going, even after turning it off.  At first my only "fix" was to play on another speaker, then add the one I want to a group.  The last couple of Spotify updates now allow me to "forget" a device and it now if often works and I can then restart my playlist.  Some times I need to choose another playlist first.


I have the preset saved with shuffle play which works about 15% of the time.  Unless the soundtouch plays from the start of the playlist, neither the app not Spotify allow me to enable shuffle so I need to reset it all again.


If I have an issue, I can go in my car and Spotify through Android Auto, picks up and continues.


My playlist does have 9000 songs.


One recent thing I have noticed is that if Soundtouch is playing a song when it errors, looking at Spotify, it shows the song before but if it was a 5min song, the time played may show 9min (5min for the previous sang and 4min for the current song that it ended on).


When ever there is an issue, there are no other network issues.  There are laptops with VPNs, online gaming, YouTube and video streaming without hiccup.


I am a technical person.  I have replaced all the wireless hardware in the past month.  The speakers all have reservations so they get the same IP address with DHCP.  It is a 50mb FTTH service.  I have tried all variations of wifi signal options.  I have reset the speakers.  Nothing appears to work.


What I have noticed since my last resets and when looking at the soundtouch logs from the SystemLogTool is that the our old Pandora accounts are being listed.  As we are in Australia, they are no longer valid but the Soundtouch Pandora Account Removal Link does not work.


I believe it is a bug with how Soundtouch and Spotify communicate but without more information there is nothing more I can do.  I was looking at getting more Bose gear but I am seriously thinking of dumping it all.


Can anyone suggest settings to look at?  Is there an updated link to manage music services?