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Feb 12, 2020

Spotify lags with Bose SA4 Amplifier + two 251 outdoor speakers

I have difficulties when using the Spotify app with my Bose SA4 Amplifier which is connected to two 251 outdoor speakers. After circa 8 minutes the music lags continuously. I have summed up a few facts about my situation:


- There is no difference in results between a wired/wireless connection with the router;

- There is no difference either streaming Spotify music or playing downloaded songs within Spotify;

- When logging into the router, it displays a stable connection between the Bose device and the router;

- When using iTunes or playing the radio, I have no difficulties at all;

- I have updated the software to the latest version (23.0.12);

- After pausing the music, it takes a few minutes to "recover" from its lags. After that, the situation repeats itself, so 8 minutes later the music lags again;

- In Settings of Spotify, I already set the music quality to "low". It made no difference at all. 


I have read several other issues/topics within this community, but no tips did really work out for me. Does anyone has found a solution to this problem lately? 


Thank you for your reply.


Your sincerely,


Omraan Timmerarends





Re: Spotify lags with Bose SA4 Amplifier + two 251 outdoor speakers

Hello Omraan, 


Thanks for reaching out! 


I'm sorry to learn you're having issues with Spotify on your SA4 Amplifier but I'd be happy to offer some troubleshooting advice. 


You mentioned the music lags. Is this in relation to other speakers in your home? Or are you referring to a delay between selecting a song/skipping tracks/pausing etc on the Spotify App? Further to this, have you tried to use Spotify from within the Bose SoundTouch app?


I'll look forward to your reply, and I am interested in learning more about this problem. 


All the best,



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