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Apr 3, 2020

Unable to play playlists from NAS (ASUS)

I have my music mp3 files on an ASUS NAS, and have added the NAS music library to the Soundtouch 10 speaker with succes. I can play individual songs (and all songs in a folder) but am unable to play any playlist. I can find the playlist file (m3u) in the folder "Playlist" but when selecting it to play via the Android Soundtouch app nothing happens. If I use this playlist from a computer (W10) this goes fine.

I did already re-install everything multiple times, been searching internet for answers but to no avail.

One curious thing: when in the app I select the music library on the NAS I see 3 folders: Media, Music and ASUSTOR. Media brings me to my movies files on the NAS, Music to the folders with my mp3 files, but ASUSTOR then shows 3 folders: !Music!, !Video! and !Photo!. Going into !Music! (which seems the logical choice) I see a new list: !Album!, !Album/Artist!, !Artist!, !Folder!, !Genre!, !Playlist!. The latter doesn't contain anything, !Album! shows a list of 4 folders but I certainly have more than 4 albums. 

I'm completely lost and have no clue what to try next... Any ideas on how to get playlists work here?