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Upcoming SiriusXM Update and Improvements

Hey everyone,


Later this month you’ll notice some changes will be made to SiriusXM if you’re a SoundTouch App user or you have SiriusXM presets saved on your speakers. We’ve made some improvements and changes that will give you increases stability and access to additional SXM content.


In order to access the update, you’ll need to make sure you have updated to the latest version of the SoundTouch app and that you are using the most recent firmware for your Bose speaker. You’ll need to add your SiriusXM account details again, even if you’ve connected in the past. You should see a message the next time you launch the app after the update:




You can also tap the menu icon in the upper left in the SoundTouch App -> Add Service -> Sirius XM -> Log in to your existing account information and choose “Add Account”.


Remember, once the update is live you won’t be able to access SXM in the SoundTouch App or presets until you log into your account, even if you used it previously. You will need to add your presets again.


We’ll post release notes once the update is live so and hope you enjoy these updates!


Update! Corrected information about presets post update.

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Re: Upcoming SiriusXM Update and Improvements

Does that mean that we’ll actually see Artist and Song title displayed? 
a long time coming.