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Jun 20, 2020

What WIFI speakers can Ibuy to use with the SoundTouch 300

I have a soundtouch 300 soundbar, its a few year old now but feel I want more sound behind me. I don't have much wall room as its predominantly windows, both sides of the corner of the room. So I am looking for help in what  small, wall mounted WIFI speakers that are compatible with the 300?

All I'm seeing is ones compatible with the 500 & 700.  



Re: What WIFI speakers can Ibuy to use with the SoundTouch 300

Hey @runrabbit,


I hope your SoundTouch 300 has served you well so far! Are you looking to expand your sound for a home theatre experience in the same room? If so, there are surround speakers and bass modules available to be connected to the SoundTouch 300 Soundbar. Please check them out on our website to learn more!


Or, if you're looking to extend your listening experience across your home, you can add other SoundTouch speakers to your eco-system using the SoundTouch app, to play music anywhere in your home.

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