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Mar 8, 2020

bose 102EA-II compatible speakers

I moved into a home with in-ceiling speakers and also a pair of 151 outdoor speakers and they are all currently connected to two Bose 102EA-II amps. Would these be compatible with the Bose Sound Touch SA-5 amplifier? thanks


Re: bose 102EA-II compatible speakers

Hello mickeyv!


Thank you for posting and welcome to the Bose Community!


So I can give you the most accurate answer, can you please confirm which in-ceiling speakers you have? If you are unsure, you can double-check with our Product Identifier.


The SA-5 is compatible with 100 W per channel and 8 ohms per pair of speakers. As long as your speakers are compatible with this, it will work.


One thing that is worth bearing in mind though, while it is possible to have up to 2 pairs of speakers connected to an SA-5, with the 151 speakers you can only have one pair connected due to the differing resistances involved. To run all of your speakers, it would take 2 SA-5 amplifiers, however, you will still be able to play all of them together by grouping the amplifiers through the SoundTouch app. You can find more information on this HERE.


I hope this information helps. Please let me know if there's anything else I can help you with.

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