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Mar 12, 2020

bose sa 5 amplifier 4004 / 0 hmm there was a problem checking for the update

I set up one SA 5 Amplifier this morning and installed the soundtouch app and played good music for an hour. I turned if off to go to work but when I came back about an hour ago it wasn't working,  showing the following message on the app:

 hmm... there was a problem checking for the update (4004/0).

There's no problem with my router as everything else on it is cruising just fine. 


This appears to be a persistent and common problem as is evident all over the net. I hope those can resolve this for me and for the long term, (I still got 2 more SA5) rather the pretentious responses that sound like they aren't aware of how prevalent this error is.

Quite disappointing to spend so much on something so defective and clumsy. 


Re: bose sa 5 amplifier 4004 / 0 hmm there was a problem checking for the update

Hi @ugoxuqu,


I'm sorry to learn you're experiencing an issue using your SA-5 amplifier with the SoundTouch app. This isn't a common problem and I'll be happy to advise on troubleshooting that will help your situation.


As the error code 4004/0 is related to a software update issue, one effective step to take would be to factory reset your system. Once you've done this, you'll be able to go through the setup process from the start and the update should complete without issue. If you'd like to avoid this, simply try rebooting your router. Unplug the router from power, leave to sit for two minutes and then connect back to power.


To find how to factory reset your system, follow the steps HERE. Let me know if you end up trying either of the two options and if you notice any improvement!

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