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Nov 9, 2019

error 6304, Windows 10, can't find my library from Windows Media Player

This is my initial set up, and I am having lots of troubles from the very start.  I mean, at every single step, from connecting to wifi (took me over 1 hour) to registering my product.  Somehow, the system does not accept/recognize my input.


Now, I want to play music files on my computer.  I have been using Groove Music app that came with my Windows 10 laptop, and it worked fine.  All I had to do was to point to the music folder on my laptop.  


Unfortunately, the only options I have on the SoundTouch app  are  iTunes or Windows Media Player.  So I selected WMP, left the library name as default.  Then, I get 6304 error message.  


I even tried playing my music files with Windows Media Player after this problem, and I can play my music with WMP app perfectly without having to name a 'library'.  


What am I supposed to do to play music files on my computer?  By the way, all my music files are MP3, so it shouldn't be a compatibility issue.


Please help.  Thanks.



Re: error 6304, Windows 10, can't find my library from Windows Media Player

Hello MikMick35, 


Thanks for reaching out and posting in the forums. 


Let's see if we can get this set up for you. I would like to start by confirming a few things with you: 


  • Do you have the SoundTouch app on your computer? This is needed to make this work. 
  • Have you exported the files into Windows Media Player? The music library must be managed by either iTunes or Windows Media Player to work.
  • Have you named your Library, this is a must to complete these steps?


The steps to add a Music Libary to your SoundTouch account are: 

  1. Open the SoundTouch app on the same computer that contains the music library.
  2. In the app, choose "Add Service" on the left
  3. Choose "Music Library on Computer". Only one music library can be added per computer. "This computer" will appear below the name of a library already linked from this computer to the SoundTouch account.
  4. Select the type of music library to be added by selecting "iTunes" or "Windows Media Player". Only libraries available on the computer and accessible by the app are selectable.
  5. Enter a name for the library and choose "Add Music Library". Windows Media Player screen is shown below on the left; iTunes is shown on the right.

Music stored on connected external drives, non-default hard-drive locations or separate internal hard-drives will be found by the app as long as the computer is turned on and the program managing the library (Windows Media Player or iTunes) can find its own files. For music stored on separate drives, .xml and .itl files must be in the default music drive and directory.

  • For Windows:
    • Open Media Player > Stream. Select both "Allow remote control of my player" and "Automatically allow devices to play my media".
    • Once enabled, if desired, select which devices can access the library by choosing "More Streaming Options". The larger the library size, the longer it can take before it is indexed and becomes available via SoundTouch.

Whilst looking into this, I came across this article from Windows Central. It details how to export your Grove Music into a Spotify Libary. This may be something you want to look into as Spotify is already built into the SoundTouch app and it will mean that you can access your music from your phone without needing to be in the same house as your computer. 


If you have any questions, please do let me know. 


Kind Regards, 

Vicky W - Community Support