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Jul 14, 2018

soundlink mini 2 charging


just bought a soundlink mini 2 and it does not come with charger,only a usb/c cable.

so i used my samsung usb wall charger but no power/charging lights appeared so i guess it wasnt charging. this was a 5v 2A adaptive fast charger.

i tried another samsung usb wall charger, this time it was a 5.3v 2A charger. and now i get an orange charging light on the soundtouch 2 so it is charging.

can someone please explain what usb charger i should be using and do i need to buy this seperately through bose. I cant believe it doesnt come with the unit.

or is it okay to use the non adaptive fast samsung charger


Re: soundlink mini 2 charging

Hello gfc2013, 


Thanks for reaching out and welcome to the Bose Community Forums. 


The SoundLink Mini II needs a 5 VDC, 1.6 A input power. I would not advise using anything above this as this may damage the speaker. 


Let me know if you have any questions. 


Kind Regards, 

Vicky W - Community Support 

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