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Nov 19, 2020

spotify not connecting to soundtouch 20 and 30 speakers

My Soundtouch 30 and 20 wireless speakers was streaming without any issues from Spotify until recently.  Now, I cannot  play any music from my Spotify account, even though I can play music on Soundtouch from my Amazon music account fine.  I use to be able to play any Spotify music using the three Soundtouch speakers that I have, both from the Soundtouch app or from the Spotify app  from our cell phones or laptops.  Now, When I am in Soundtouch trying to access my Spotify music, I get a message from Soundtouch that it "cannot connect to that music service right now and please try again later.."  or "Hmmm, that didn't work, please try again".

When I am in Spotify app on my phone or PC, Spotify tries to connect to my Soundtouch speaker but cannot find it, so it goes on an endless loop trying to connect.   However, I can play Spotify on the other non-Soundtouch wireless speakers that I have .


I have updated to the latest Soundtouch app, and also updating and reinstalling my Spotify app, and  I have tried to use all the usual methods of reconnecting my speakers.


I  can play all my other music, podcasts from all other sources such as Amazon, but cannot connect to Spotify, and I am concerned that Bose Company has apparently selected to only support Amazon and Apple products.  I wonder if this sudden dramatic change in cutting out Spotify from Soundtouch customers is due to a sweetheart arrangement where the Bose Company is being paid to exclude Spotify users  from their Soundtouch users to increase Amazon's market share and hurt Spotify.


In past years, I have been able to call Soundtouch and get problems solved over the phone promptly and accurately by a Soundtouch representative.  It is sad that it seems Soundtouch does not offer any live support, they do not offer a working 800 telephone number for their users, do not offer even a online direct support that most other companies have.  It is very disappointing that the Bose Company seems to have abandoned the buyers of its Soundtouch product, as I cannot seem to find any way to find assistance in solving this problem.  It makes me very unlikey to purchase any Bose products in the future if they continue to treat their customers in this manner.




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Samsung S7, HP Windows 10, Iphone5, 

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Re: spotify not connecting to soundtouch 20 and 30 speakers



I am very sorry to hear that you are having this experience and I would like to calm your concerns. Bose has not removed Spotify from SoundTouch, nor do we have any reports of this happening. As for getting SoundTouch support, we do have outlets available to help out customers. You can reach out to us via clicking this link > Select your country > Scroll to the bottom of the page > Click 'Contact Us'


We appreciate you taking the time in already performing some troubleshooting regarding this. You have confirmed for us that there are no concerns of your Spotify account not working correctly, therefore this is most defiantly an issue with the app connecting to one another. 


Can you confirm for me if you have performed any software updates either on your connected devices or SoundTouch speakers recently prior to this experience?



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