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May 4, 2020

what is soundtouch 20 series III latest firmware update


I tried to install the latest firmware update for my soundtouch 20 series III, but I am not sure if it went to the end, I would need the reference  of the update to check it on my system, could not find it on bose website


Re: what is soundtouch 20 series III latest firmware update

Hi lulocha,




The latest firmware version for your speaker is 24.0.7 at this time. You can check whether your system is running this version from the speaker itself by following these steps:

  •  On the top of your product, simultaneously press and hold 5 and Volume - buttons for about 5 seconds: Hold for system information will appear on the display with a countdown from 5.
  • Press the Volume - button until 4.2 Version appears followed by the software version.
  • Press the Power button to exit the menu.

You can also do this from the SoundTouch app by opening the menu and navigating to Settings > About > [Your SoundTouch 20]. 


I hope this helps!

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