Such a fantastic product!

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Such a fantastic product!

I just wanted to chime in for any of you who are on the fence or thinking about getting a Soundwear. I'm an avid cyclist and I've tried just about every other option imaginable for listening to music while I'm out on my rides - from portable bluetooth clip speakers to bone induction headphones as well as my Soundsport headphones. Ultimately, I didn't like the clip-on speakers because the dangle & sway of the speaker as I move would cause fluctations in the sound quality and the mic would be nowhere near close enough to my mouth to have a proper conversation should the need arise to take a quick phone call. Bone induction headphones are a nice concept but the sound quality is not where it needs to be yet for them to be a viable alternative and while I do like the open design of my SoundSports & would occasionally use those on the trail (never on public roads), I still didn't like not being able to hear riders/runners ahead of or behind me.

Enter Soundwear. I'd been thinking for ages how wonderful it would be if someone released a neck or shoulder speaker though I never really expected something to get to the market so the moment I received an email about the Soundwear, I went straight to my nearest Bose store and bought it on the spot. I couldn't possibly be any happier and am enjoying my rides in a way I never did before. The sound quality, even with the wind, is fantastic. It's durable, lightweight and an absolute joy to ride with. I also use it around the house when I'm alone & working as opposed to headphones but primarily, this is for riding. If you're on the fence about one of these, go try it!

Well done, Bose!


Re: Such a fantastic product!

Wow, thanks so much! We had so much fun creating this product and love that you get us.  Enjoy!