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Jan 4, 2020

Horrible vertigo from Bose SoundWear

Soundwear caused Vertigo!!!

I bought bose soundwear for my adult kids for Christmas, they all thought it was silly, and just for old people. A friend had one, and out it around my neck, and I thought wow! This is great! Unfortunately my kids didn't want them, so I decided to keep one for myself. 

The first day after wearing it, I woke up worth vertigo! Really bad. I didn't make the connection yet though. I was so sick an vomiting. So I was in bed all day, I started to feel better so I sat up to watch a movie with my bose sound wear and started to feel worse, thinking just my vertigo which I've never had in my life. We're talking, ceiling spinnin , walls spinning, and sxtreme nausea and vomiting for serveal hours at a time. My stomach so upset from the nausea. So once again to stick to do Anything, I didn't wear the head phones... Went to the doctor... Didn't tell her about the headphones because why would I even make that connection. She wrote me an anti nausea medication. That night I put them on and listened to audible... Sweet the time for an hour fell asleep... The worst night evert vertigo in full force... Nothing to do but grip my bed and insure the agony! About 8 hours of constant nausea, and vomiting. So I finally make the connection... The next day, so confused as to edgy I have vertigo out of the blue... Bummed I'm missing work(l love my job) I had to have someone cover for me , which I've never ever had to do! I decide to use my headphones to make some call . And I notice right when I start using them I'm beginning to feel more dizzy! And this malaze of nausea runs they me. I take them off, and start looking on my calender of when I started using them, and when I got sick! Then I Google about other people having nausea for noise canceling headphones... Anyway, I've stopped using them and my vertigo is going away 🙏. I wanted to post this to save some other unfortunate soul. I'm sure it doesn't happen to everyone, but it happened to me and it is horrrrrrrible!!! 

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Oct 18, 2017

Re: Horrible vertigo from Bose SoundWear

I'm sure your situation is a very rare one.  You should get rid of them and not use them again.