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Dec 2, 2020


I received the Bose solo5 tv sound system as a gift and have a couple of questions.

1) it says to plug into wall outlet is it ok to plug into a power strip 


2) I am reading that this system doesn’t work well with Samsung tv and Directv or AT&T I believe they are the same system.


3)what I would like to do is have it setup so that I can just turn off tv speakers and have the solos be the only sound and use my Directv remote only. I only need it for my tv and DVD player not planning on using for music or anything else. 

4) on the cable-satellite device codes it has AT&T Directv and Samsung.


I could really use some help I am a bit lost before I have even started.




Re: Setup

Hi Dogger758,


Welcome to the Community, thanks for joining us!


Congrats on your new soundbar, I'd be happy to help you get it setup and answer any questions you may have!


You can plug the soundbar into a power strip or a wall outlet to get power to the soundbar, either is fine.


To set the soundbar up so it works how you have described, what you need to do is plug the soundbar into the TV itself using one of the cable connections available. I'd recommend using the optical cable if your TV has an optical output, as this will provide the best audio quality. When the soundbar is plugged into the TV, the TV should automatically switch to using the soundbar for its audio, but if it doesn't you can manually select the soundbar from the audio/sound settings on most TVs.


With the soundbar connected to the TV and chosen as its output, any sound that would usually play through the TV speakers will play through the soundbar instead. So if you have your DirecTV box connected to the TV, the TV will automatically pass any audio from the DirecTV box to the soundbar!


If you want to use your DirecTV remote to control everything, then you won't need to use the codebook that came with the soundbar. This codebook is for programming your Bose remote to control other devices, not to program other remotes to control the soundbar. I'd recommend reaching out to the team at DirecTV for help getting your DirecTV remote setup to control your TV and the soundbar, as they'll know the best way to do this!


I hope this helps, let me know if you have any further questions!

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