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Mar 7, 2020

SoundWear Companion sound static when used with Laptop Video

Just purchased SoundWear Companion Speaker for use for working at home in video meetings and softphone calls.


People are telling me there here a little crackle or static when I talk.  As a test, I make sure nothing is touching the unit and I am not moving but still, a feint static or crackle.  Any ideas before I return this?


Re: SoundWear Companion sound static when used with Laptop Video

Hello Andrelaplume, 


We hope you're enjoying your SoundWear Companion speaker. Sorry that you aren't getting clear microphone audio whilst on calls. 


I would firstly check for any available firmware updates for your speaker. This can be done via a computer using a USB and visiting our firmware update website, which will provide you with full instructions.


I hope this helps. 


If this shows no sign of improvements do let us know what applications you are taking your calls? Have you also tried taking calls from alternate devices to test the results?




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