Soundwear: Some Ideas for version 2.0

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Soundwear: Some Ideas for version 2.0

I got the soundwear device for christmas.  I'm a lucky guy!  this is a near perfect device, and I.Love.It. 
Here's some minor tweeks I would suggest on future revs:
1. The sound is quite distorted at very low volumes...  Listening late at night to relax, I turn it way down.  At that level, the sound becomes scratchy and distorted.  

2. My battery usually lasts about 1.5 to 2 days with my usage (WOOT!).... however, a couple things could be done to improve the battery experience: A. add a warnign to the notification bar in android that the battery is getting low.  b. repostition the charging port so that the device can be Worn and Used while charging (think in the car, in bed, etc)  C. USB-C, please -- it's the current year!  :-)    
3. All the edges could be rounded over, the seams on the cover reduced/smoothed-out and a little padding could be added to make all-day wearing a little more comfy.  It's not bad as is, but it could use a little refining, especially when worn directly on a bare neck.  
4. Give the user a volume control to turn down the voice prompts... she's too loud unless you're not wearing it. 


Thanks for an amazing product!  Hope these ideas help.   


Re: Soundwear: Some Ideas for version 2.0

Hi Deho


Thanks for the suggestions.We love to hear when our customers love our products! I will make sure and pass along your ideas to engineering for possible future development. Please come back and post anytime



Have a great day!






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Re: Soundwear: Some Ideas for version 2.0

Hi, how are you!
Those are all very good recommendations. I also wish you could turn down her voice and the recharging suggestion is tops, although I don't see how they could do it. We'll just have to be conscious to recharge!
Thanks for your thoughts!
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Re: Soundwear: Some Ideas for version 2.0

To make these perfect for me a 3.5 jack for earbuds when on public transport.


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Hi Mike1,


Thanks for posting. That's a great idea! I will pass it along to our developers for possible future development.




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