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Sep 17, 2020

Soundwear enters "protective mode" when unused for apx a week

I have had my Soundwear "die" a few times, but it has been resurrected via some hints and tips I found online. It seems it goes into some sort of battery protection mode after a while - perhaps a week or so. The it will not turn on and no longer charge. It does register/show up in the btu-updater site, but no lights come on and no charging. (Resetting does nothing). 


The first time I had this problem, I found a file to download (not the btu-app-site) and with this file I could reset the product and it would charge again. I can no longer find this file, and as the btu-updater only states that it is up to date, it does nothing. If it would re-enter the last known firmware or something like that, perhaps it could be different....dunno.

Link to the old solution to this issue: https://community.bose.com/t5/Wearables-Archive/Three-lights-no-charging-no-power-on/m-p/198273#M356 




Re: Soundwear enters "protective mode" when unused for apx a week

Hello Strindberg77, 


Thanks for reaching out. 


I'm sorry to hear you're having issues with your SoundWear Companion.


What you have described is abnormal, so based on the troubleshooting you have already attempted, I would recommend contacting your local support team to seek service. Details can be found here.


Before doing this, you mentioned you installed a file, unrelated to the btu.bose.com website, would you be able to provide us with a link to this? There shouldn't be an alternative, other than using this site or the Bose Connect app, so it's concerning that you may have installed an unapproved/potentially unsafe firmware to the product.


I'll look forward to your reply.

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