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Mar 20, 2020

Are all 901 series vi the same?

I had one 901 series vi destroyed in A home flood.  The 2nd speaker was saved, no damage.  Will any 901 series vi be compatible?   Are there differences in model year, digital, Canada or USA manufacture ?  

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Re: Are all 901 series vi the same?

Hey Phinds,


Sorry to hear about the damage. There were two versions of the 901 VI speakers - v1 and v2. Only the 901 VI version 2 equalizer can be used with the 901 VI v2 speakers. Outside of that, you should be fine with replacing the speaker with an identical unit. If you'd like further clarification, please feel free to post images of the system, but in line with our Community Guidelines, please do not share your system's serial number.


This isn't a component that we currently retail and sell due to the age of the system, but we may still have repair options available to you, dependant upon the seriousness of the damage. Contact us when you have a chance if you'd like to discuss further. Click HERE, select your region, and use the "Contact us" feature at the bottom of the page. 

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