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Aug 25, 2020

Bose 601 Series III Tweeter Impedance

On a project to restore my 26 y.o. pair of speakers. Checking the old tweeters with a meter I get 4 ohm's (if I am doing it properly). I notice the 4 tweeters are wired in Series/Parallel. If I am not mistaken, that should be an impedance load of 4 ohm's on the Amp? Meanwhile the Woofers (also 4 ohm) are wired in series for an 8 ohm impedance. I already replaced the Woofers in the cabinets, and now I am thinking about replacing the tweeters and even the crossover. So my question is (if anyone knows) does it matter if the tweeters have a different impedance load than the woofers, or does it come down to the type of crossover used to decide the final impedance load to the amp? Searching the internet I can't find a solid answer to this question.