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Jul 21, 2020

Re: Bose 701 Series 2

Hey all, I have solved this issue, albeit it requires a bit of DIY. 

Using two lengths of speaker cables and very small alligator clips, you can make your own crossover cable.  I’ll do the best I can to describe the process.


First, cut two speaker cables the length you desire your speakers to be separated. Strip all eight wire ends about 3/4 inch. Attach the smallest alligator clips you can find to all eight wire ends. Are used 3 mm width clips and they were small enough for the accessory speaker, but not quite small enough for the main speaker.


on the main speaker, I removed the plastic housing, which exposes the four pins of the four pin connector. I alternately bent the pins in opposite directions, one up, one down, one up, one down, to create some additional space for the clips. I also modified the plastic shroud to allow the bent pins to pass through a new hole I cut in the shroud.


and then connected the pins on the main speaker to the corresponding pins on the satellite speaker. One very important note is that the outside pin connects to the outside pin, and the inside then connects to the inside pin. Think of your new connector cable like a rainbow. So, the far left pin on one speaker connects to the far right pin on the other speaker. When making the connections, be sure that no exposed metal from a clip or a wire is touching any exposed metal on another clip or wire.

it’s a slightly delicate set up but it works fantastically and cost me about six dollars in parts.