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May 29, 2021

Bose 901 VI compatible Receiver

I have found three Yamaha Receivers that I think may be compatible for use with my Bose 901-VI speakers.

1) Yamaha R-S300 (

The above site has a link to the owners manual and on page 7, it indicates Tape Pb and Tape Rec jacks.

2) Yamaha R-S202 (

The manual of this model indicates on page 9, that it has three Line jacks and Line 2 with Left and Right inputs can be used for a Tape Deck.

3) Yamaha R-N303 (

The manual of this model indicates on Page 10, that it has two Line jacks and for the Line 2 jacks, it indicates that it can be used for a CD Recorder etc.


My questions then are:

With regard to 1 above (R-S300), Can a Bose 901 expert please, please reliably confirm that this model is compatible? (Because I called Bose US Support and a Bose 901 expert said it was not. But I suspect he said this only because it was not on his list of compatible receivers which he gave me, all of which are discontinued models). And Bose Canada support said as long as it has Tape in and out or PB and Rec jacks it will be compatible. So who is correct?


With regard to 2) since this receiver (R-S202) has Line jacks but indicates that a Tape Deck can be used with it, can this be used for the Bose 901 VI.


With regard to 3) (R-N303), again, it has Line jacks but does not specifically indicate a Tape Deck can be used, instead indicates CD Recorder etc. (which could be a Tape Deck perhaps?).


I know, I could play it safe and go with (1), the R-S300. The downside is it is only 50W RMS per channel whereas the other two are 100W RMS per channel.


I will greatly appreciate concrete answers regarding these three receivers as they are the only ones available for purchase at present and I need to make a decision quickly before they are no longer available.


Thanks very much in advance.