Bose 901 compatible receivers

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Bose 901 compatible receivers

I trying to find a receiver that will work with the Bose 910 equalizer.. The receiver needs tape mointer or tape loop in order to work with the 901 equalizer. I appericiate if you can provide me with a list  of recivers that will work with the Bose 901.


Re: Bose 901 compatible receivers

Hi there @lewdeb and welcome to the Community!


Thank you for your interest in our products, and i'd be happy to help advise here.

We have run a lot of version of the 901 speakers over the years, as well as the Lifestyle 901 which came with a music centre.

In order to provide you with the best information, can I ask which series of these 901 speakers you are referring to here?


I look forward to hearing back from you!


Liam W - Community Support