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Oct 30, 2019

Bose 901

This is more a reach out to BOSE rather than a complain.



Most of us here started with this speaker and probably have owned many 901’s over the years. 
with the latest developments in driver technology, active EQ/DSP , Wireless streaming etc ..a great set of 901’s is definitely in order. 
Please honour Dr Bose by never discontinuing his legacy speaker. 
It still remains the best Bose speaker ever made, why stop it then. 
Also I think Bose owes it to its original fans to keep this product forever in production and always updating it. 
much Love Bose Fan 

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Dec 4, 2016

Re: Bose 901

Unfortunately speakers like this are becoming less popular and if fewer people are buying them, there's less reason to make them.


I don't have figures, but trends change.  30 years ago most people would have stereo systems, but few people would have had home theatre systems.  Now even traditional home theatre systems are changing towards Soundbars.  People are wanting systems that do more but are smaller and simpler with streaming. 


In terms of music it tends to be one piece systems that don't require separate amplifiers, even a move to more portable systems.  You don't always get the same quality from these, but convenience makes up for a lot in todays world (iTunes over CDs, Netflix over Cinema screens for movies).  Keeping a production line alive for nostalgia over profits that they can funnel into newer more innovative research projects wouldn't make too much sense.