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Feb 1, 2020

Bose In-dash CD player skipping

My Bose 6 CD Player in my Nissan 350Z has an issue that's come up in the past year.  The CDs skip during playback occasionally but the problem seems to work itself out if I let the CD continue to play for an extended time.  I've checked the CDs for cleanliness, used a CD laser cleaner disc, but the issue persists.  Most of the time, I leave the CDs loaded in the deck when my car is parked.  I thought perhaps moisture might be building up on the CDs causing this skipping problem.  We do have wide fluctuations in temperature here where I live.  However, even when I bring CDs from my house to the car and load them, I still encounter the skipping problem.  Would appreciate any suggestions on what may be causing the problem and methods for fixing.  Thank you.


Re: Bose In-dash CD player skipping

Hello Endcon, 


Thanks for reaching out. I am very sorry to hear that you CDs appear to be skipping in your in dash player. 


I would suggest that you reach out to our Automotive team, an agent here will be able to assist you with this matter. Please select this link which will direct you to our Automotive website. 


Please let us know if you have any further questions. 


Kind regards,

Tegan M - Community Support 

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