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Jun 19, 2020

Companion 2 Series III volume low on second speaker, then fuzzy sound

I just bought new Bose Companion 2 speakers and connected them to my Dell laptop. Left speaker (satellite, non-power cord side) is really low. I played with balance in the computer sound settings. I needed to go to about three times the volume to get the sound to balance left-to-right. THEN the real issue developed: The left speaker is sounding buzzy/crackly at any even a moderate volume level, worse at higher volume. Example setting of computer volume at 60% and speaker volume control set at 50%. Does not matter if I adjust either or both of the settings, crackle develops. 


Re: Companion 2 Series III volume low on second speaker, then fuzzy sound

Hey @elgordo42,


Thank you for taking the time to post - the issue you're experiencing is quite unusual!


Have you tried using your Companion 2 speakers with any other devices to see if you can replicate the issue? I'd recommend checking the cabling for any damage, and also to test the system into a different power socket/outlet, to eliminate any possible static or interference that may be happening.


Let me know what you find!

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