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Dec 18, 2020

Confused on how this audio setup is worked

I am not sure what this product is since it was here from the previous owner of the house. It was installed through the wall so i would like to see if I can use it since replacing it would be extremely difficult. This is what it looks like.


20201218_235345.jpgit doesnt have a main console or any other ccomponents besides the left/right for front and rear (so theres four pieces in total.) Which makes me think that either the previous owner took the main console with him or this is setup just for audio.


The other side of the connection is using av cables. It has 2 left and 2 right 


So the main question is how do i make it work if it is just for audio or is something missing? 

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Dec 4, 2016

Re: Confused on how this audio setup is worked

What you're probably missing is three parts - the console, the Accoustimass (bass speaker) and centre speaker.  Realistically you need to replace all those parts, but unless you can find them second hand they are not sold individually.  And because of upgrades, the new systems won't necessarily work with what you have left so you're likely replacing the whole lot.


This is sometimes the problem with buying a house with a system built in.  Generally (at least in my country), items that are fixed to the walls (like the speakers) are considered part of the sale.  Items that can be removed (like the console or bass speaker) are not included unless written into the contract.  So the seller thinks they can use the system in their new place, but they also can't buy the speakers separately so you both lose.