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Oct 1, 2020

Equalizer for bose 901 series 6

HI all , I have lost the Equalizer for bose 991 series 6 speaker. Is there anyway I can get a new one? Any help is greatly appreciated.


Vinod J


Re: Equalizer for bose 901 series 6

Hi Vinodtj,


Welcome to the Community, thanks for joining us!


If you are looking for replacement parts for your system, the best place to start is always getting in touch with your local support team! You can find the contact information for them at this link, by selecting your country/region and then the 'Contact Us' option at the bottom of the page.


One thing to be careful of when buying a replacement EQ for the 90 series 6 is which version you have, as there is a 901 series VI version 1 and a 901 series VI version 2. Only the 901 series VI version 2 equalizer can be used with 901 series VI version 2 speakers. The driver material of the version 2 speakers is different from the 901 VI speakers without the "ver 2" designation so you don't want to use the wrong version of the EQ.


You can easily tell which version you have using our Product Identifier. Your local support team will also be able to let you know as well.


I hope this helps!

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