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Apr 5, 2020

Free Space 51 Speakers--receiver help

I have 4 Free Space 51 outdoor speakers but my Bose Receiver quit working a few weeks ago.  Can I hook the speakers up to any receiver or do they only work with a Bose receiver?  We are shopping for a new soundbar for our TV and wondering if we can hook the speakers to our TV/Direct TV along with the soundbar.  Or do I need to get a new Bose Receiver and replace the entire system?


Re: Free Space 51 Speakers--receiver help

Hey pamarc01,


I'm sorry to hear you're Bose receiver quit working - what one did you have? Did you run through any troubleshooting?


In regards to the FreeSpace 51's they should be compatible with any amplifier, given the amplifier is compatible. The compatibility rating for the 51's is as follows:


10-100 W per channel, 4-8 ohms

Let me know if you have any further questions regarding this!

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Jun 6, 2017

Re: Free Space 51 Speakers--receiver help

In regards to this, I have my Bose Freespace 51s hooked up to a late 90s Yamaha Stereo Receiver.  I believe its 50 watts a channel.  Would there be much difference if a 100 watt receiver was hooked up or only at high volumes?