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Feb 20, 2021

How to connect a 901 VI speakers to a Yamaha A-S500 amp

Bose product name

Bose 901 Series VI speakers (2), with Active EQ Series VI and a Yamaha A-S500 amp.


How do I connect the above systems? Are they compatible?

I connected, the Active EQ to the Amp as described below:


On the Active EQ, Amplifier Output and Input ports are connected to the Yamaha ports, PB2.

On the Yamaha Amp, Speakers are connected to speaker set A, and impedance selector is set to High.

Audio source is CD.

Amp info:

Amp backplane pic:


Now when I fire up everything and play music, it sounds dull and flat. And nothing changes when I move the sliders on the EQ. In fact absolutely nothing changes when I completely power down the active EQ.


Have I cabled this incorrectly, or is this Amp unsuitable for these speakers?


I found the below on Amazon in response to a query, is the below information correct?


The Bose 901 speakers use an equalizer as part of their operating design. They need to be used where the equalizer has to be connected between the preamp and amplifier. Some amplifiers have a preamp out and main in that allows this connection. The AS500 does not have this. The alternative is to connect the equalizer to a tape out and tape in and use a "tape monitor" switch to hear the recording , on a three head machine, as it was made. The AS500 has the Tape in and out connections, but does not have the tape monitor switch. Sorry, the AS500 is not a good choice for the Bose 901 speaker system. 


Please help.



Re: How to connect a 901 VI speakers to a Yamaha A-S500 amp

Hello Marard, 


Welcome to the community! 


I would love to help. The manual here on page 9 and 10 explains how to set up an equalizer with your system. Can I please confirm if it is the Bose equalizer you have or a third party?


I look forward to your reply. 

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