Identifying an old SoundDock music system.

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Identifying an old SoundDock music system.

Hi there,

I am trying to work out which SoundDock I have. When I enter the serial no it tells me it was manufactured from 2007 - 2014, but not which series it is. My Husband passed away very unexpectedly and this was one of his boys toys. I was thinking I might be able to get an adapter for more modern iPhones and I also believe there is an adapter that would make it suitable for bluetooth.? Any help and advice would be gratefully received.

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Re: Identifying an old SoundDock music system.

Hello Charile! Thanks for posting and welcome to the Community.


I am very sorry to hear about you husband's passing. If you'd like, you can send us the serial number in a private message to the Community Admin and we can tell you the version and if any adapters are available (no promises, but we'll see what we can find).


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Greg - Community Support