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Jun 21, 2020

Lost Remote

I have a sounddock series 3 in perfect condition. I recently moved and lost track of the remote for it. How would I go about buying and pairing a new remote to my system? I am really heartbroken that I can't use it right now. Ive had this system since it came out. 


Re: Lost Remote

Hello Cjl13619, 


I can understand your heartbreak here, I love my SoundDock too. 


You can purchase a new remote through your local support team here. However, you can also control your system with another IR remote if you have one. No setting changes are needed on your system to control it with a universal remote that sends IR (infrared) commands. The IR sensor on your system is located on the front. Be sure it is not blocked so it can detect remote commands.


I hope that you get this fixed soon. 

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