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Aug 23, 2018

Need Stereo Win10 Driver for Bose Companion 5 Speaker

I recently moved to Windows 10 and can no longer play 'Rocksmith 2014' game on my computer with my BC5 speakers.  The issue is because the driver windows installs includes only a 'Surround 5.1' option only.  RS2014 requires Stereo in order for the game to recognize the audio device.  Where can i get this?  Please help as this is the main thing i use these speakers for.


Re: Need Stereo Win10 Driver for Bose Companion 5 Speaker

Hey @mpopovits,


Thanks for taking the time to post - that's quite a strange issue.


Have you been in contact with Microsoft or checked their forums to see if others are experiencing issues with receiving stereo audio? I'd recommend checking out the Windows article HERE, containing steps to follow to ensure everything is in place.


Let me know if you have any joy getting the speakers working as you require!

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